Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Body Bootcamp 2 - Week 2 Goals

Well, here we are in week 2 of Best Body Bootcamp! The entire week didn't go quite as planned, at least meal-wise. I kept true to my workout schedule for the most part, but took an unplanned rest day earlier in the week because I was just plain exhausted!

I ate out a lot last week - one of my goals this week is to only eat out once per day (with a 'stretch goal' of not eating out at all every day). I know that just isn't realistic, and I have to be flexible in case a work lunch, etc. pops up. But, I went to the grocery store this weekend and got all sorts of delicious goodies, and I should have no issues eating-in for breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days. Of course, this will help save me a little money this week too...

Here's my plan for boot camp week 2, which looks a lot like week 1...

Monday: 20 minutes of HIIT + upper body strength training
Tuesday: 20 minute walk (maybe a run?) + lower body strength training
Wednesday: 40 minutes of eliptical intervals + core work
Thursday: 20 minute walk (maybe a run?) + full body strength training
Friday: Walk or workout DVD (or both:?)
Saturday: 40 minutes of eliptical intervals + core work
Sunday: Rest day

Goal 1: Drink 64 oz of water before end of work day/dinnertime on weekends - and then some!

Goal 2: Allowing myself to eat only one meal out per day, if necessary. No eating out for breakfast this week!


  1. Keep motivated on those goals!!! They're good ones. :)

    1. Thanks, Tina!! So far, so good today :)


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