Sunday, January 8, 2012

Giveaway - Vapor4Life

Welcome to my first blog giveaway! I hope to do more of these... I received a request from Vapor4Life a while back to review one of their products, and they were happy to provide me one for myself, and one to give to a lucky reader! Unfortunately, between finishing school and the holidays - it has taken me far to long to get to this post. For that, I apologize!

You are probably asking... what is Vapor4Life?

Vapor4Life sells electronic cigarettes, which are a smoking alternative that produce a water vapor instead of smoke. Therefore, it has no ash, bad smell, or even a flame because it’s battery operated. An e-cigarette is essentially a battery powered alternative to smoking. 

While I am not a smoker, I know many people who occasionally smoke cigarettes (ahem, while drinking, ahem).. and I personally own a Hookah, and do not smoke frequently; however, it is a nice way to relax. 

All you have to do is charge the e-cigarette with the provided charger, insert the flavor (+nicotine, if you so desire) cartridge in to the end. The cigarette automatically turns on when you take a puff and off when you have finished the puff. 

The cartridges are available in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, ranging from nicotine-free (recommended to users who do not want any nicotine or have reduced their nicotine level down but still want to experience the hand-to-mouth simulation while enjoying the flavors) to 36 mg (recommended for users who smoke multiple packs of "full flavor" cigarettes per day).

My favorite is to enjoy a fruity flavor cartridge with a glass of wine... which reminds me: summer, oh how I miss you! While I do enjoy sitting down to smoke hookah, this is a much more efficient way of doing a similar activity. You still get the flavor and the water vapor, and can choose your level of nicotine.

Because these are smoke-free cigarettes, using water vapor, they are safe to smoke inside and won't leave any of the stinky cigarette mess behind.

I opted to giveaway a nicotine free electronic cigarette starter kit on my blog. This is great to have if you are an occasional smoker, or are trying to quit the habit and like the routine of smoking. I have tried my e-cigarette a few times, indoors, with no issues. The flavors taste delicious! From Peach Cobbler to Pineapple to Vanilla to Clove.. there are so many flavors to choose from.

This starter kit includes 2 e-cigarettes, the wall charger, and 5 flavor cartridges (all nicotine-free): melon, pineapple, watermelon, green apple, and banana.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment here of your favorite flavor of the 5 provided!! A second entry will be provided if you like Pieces of Cake on Facebook and leave a comment doing so. This giveaway will close on Sunday at 9PM and the winner will be posted then. 


  1. Two new years promises in one cool tool! Watermelon is for me an after dinner treat. Thanks, PYTNPLC

  2. I would say banana, I like the mellow fruit flavors. V4L has great service!

  3. I would say banana, I like the mellow fruit flavors. V4L has great service!

  4. I would say pineapple, it was one of my favorite fruits growing up

  5. Hi, new blog, cool. and I love to eat AND vape(ok, and smoke a little, I haven't given it ALL the up), so obviously I'm in the right place.
    I have tried a bunch of the V4L flavors and coffee varieties are my favorite. of the ones mentioned, believe it or not I like green apple.all this from a menthol analog smoker of 40 years.That's alot of years of habit to try to break.

  6. I definitely love the banana. Please enter me, too=)

  7. PineApple UpSide Down Cake (My Fav!!) I mean PineApple..I must say being on your page makes me crave cake,,lolol But I have to say your Cookie Dough Dip I will be making next week!! Please enter me for this MUCH needed kit..I thank you and my 10yr old daughter will sing your praises !! This is a wonderful thing you are doing !

  8. Hi! My name is Sanna..and I am a TOBACCO Addict
    (Soon to be EX -Addict)..
    I have been a heavy smoker for all of my adult life (20+) years! I REALLY enjoyed smoking! I honestly never saw myself or even wanted to be a non-smoker..that is until the last month or so..what with the combination of the *new ads that target parents that smoke and the children we could leave behind, (at 23 I was an orphan so the new ads haunt me)then *the schools just stopping short of teaching that smoking is the 8th 'Cardinal Sin' and last but NOT least is because of my daughter, Rhiannon, my miracle baby is 10 years old!
    She is, (IMHO), THE BEST daughter in the world ...She has hounded me day and night since Christmas about my *deadly / disgusting habit*.. BUT... that's Not the worst ~ I found out she is embarrassed of me when I 'go smoke'..BUT...that's NOT the worst ~ just recently she asked if I loved smoking more than I loved HER ..Ouch! Then..THE WORST ~ She was serious asking me that..Wow that will hurt your heart!
    She is a very bright child and at 10 she is no longer satisfied with me telling her that 'I love her more than ANYTHING ! Now it is time that I show her !
    We BOTH have birthdays in Feb. mine on the 24th and hers on the that gave me a deadline..I WILL BE tobacco ~ free before 2-20-2012!
    Her favorite would be that is what I will pick to remind me if times get hard just how much could be riding on this..Thanks, Sanna


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