Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ode to Barbeque

I love barbeque. Eastern North Carolina, Lexington North Carolina, and Midwestern barbeque. I really do not discriminate. Ironic: pigs are my favorite animal and have been since I was a wee little girl.

Awwwwww... me and my brother. Why wasn't I given a snack too? Hmph.

In October I took a 24-hour trip to Saint Louis for work. I ate barbeque pretty much the entire time. At the Memphis airport on the way there (NOT at the place referenced below, unfortunately) and a work lunch.

The Branding Iron, Jackson, MO

Hi little piggy!

Their spicy BBQ sauce was amazing. 

BBQ on texas toast with a loaded baked potato. Can you say 'nom nom?'

Which brings me to Memphis BBQ... on my flight back from Vegas I plotted happened to have a layover in Memphis. That airport has Jim Neely's Interstate BBQ... I can't play favorites with BBQ, but this really was ah-mayyy-zingggg. I could only eat half before I got on the plane, but you bet your bottom dollar that takeout tray flew all the way back home to Charlotte with me.

A little taste of Heaven at the airport

That would be slaw, baked beans (with brisket), and the BBQ - all served with 2 slices of Wonder Bread. I went back to get a new to-go bag because mine had sauce all up in it.. they gave me MORE bread. Oh, happy day it was!

And finally, in my Ode to Barbeque, I could not leave out Lexington-style. It just so happens that Lexington is on the way from work to my parents' house. So I can't help but stop by and pick it up whenever I make that trek directly from work... Smokey Joe's is my favorite. So cheap, and so delicious! I love that my 'welcome home' feast is always a delicious BBQ sandwich!

 Red slaw and white slaw! Both kinds to please the masses.

 Oh. Yeah. 

Baked Beans

Ok, now I am hungry... thank goodness I will be going home (via work) at the end of the month and I can make a pit stop in Lexington. Time to go forage for a snack...

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  1. UGH! I enjoyed the post, but am NOT enjoying the fact that I am now hardcore craving barbeque. ;)Thanks for sharing!


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